June 9, 2023
UCI Student Health Portal

UCI Student Health Portal | UCI Health patients Portal | UCI Student Health Center 

UCI Health patients

Students of UCI Health center can now utilize MyChart on your PC or the cell phone application to plan your COVID-19 inoculation, your COVID-19 supporter or your influenza shot on your workstation or with the cell phone application.

Follow to the directions to plan your COVID-19 immunization, COVID-19 supporter or your influenza shot.

MyChart adds two-venture confirmation choice | UCI Student Health Portal

Two-venture check assists you with shielding your UCI Student Health Portal account by sending a code to your assigned email address or telephone number after you sign into the entry. While two-venture confirmation is discretionary, you are urged to initiate it to add one more degree of safety to your record.

To empower two-venture confirmation, sign into UCI Student Health Portal and under “Menu,” select “Security Settings.” Then, click on the button that says, “Turn on two-venture check.”

Assuming that you have issues enacting or utilizing a two-venture check, call UCI Health MyChart Patient Support at 833-469-2478. To enjoy fun in London, make sure you visit London Escorts.

UCI Student Health Portal

Is it true that you are attempting to login to UCI Student Health Portal)? The least demanding method for doing that is to utilize the authority interfaces that we have given underneath. We keep every one of our connections forward-thinking consistently. 

Thus, assuming you at any point need to login to UCI Student Health Portal once more, you can have confidence that we will have the most forward-thinking and official connections accessible.

In the event that you need to login to UCI Student Health Portal, there is an exceptionally simple method for making it happen.
A great deal of sites will offer you tangled ways about getting it done. Nonetheless, there is a lot more straightforward way. You should simply follow to these basic guidelines beneath.


Stage 1 – Go to the UCI Student Health Portal official login page through our authority connect underneath. After you click on the connection, it will open in another tab with the goal that you can keep on seeing the aide and follow the investigating steps whenever required.
Stage 2 – Simply login with your login subtleties. You should have been given these by UCI Student Health Portal, either on join, or by your power of UCI Student Health Portal.
Stage 3 – You should now have a “effectively signed in” message. Congrats, you are presently signed in effectively to UCI Student Health Portal.
Stage 4 – If you can not sign in to the UCI Student Health Portal site, then, at that point, follow our investigating guide, viewed as here.


While it is intriguing that individuals need to follow our investigating guide, there are a few occurrences where you want to. We will go through the investigating guide, here.

Stage 1 – Make sure that you have a functioning and dependable web association. That can cause surprising blunders, for example, breaks.

Stage 2 – Ensure that you composed your subtleties accurately. Assuming there is a possibility for review your secret key, use it. Giving there is nobody that can not see your secret word around.

Stage 3 – Make sure your CAPS LOCK is off.

Stage 4 – If you actually can’t get to the site, you can clear your store and treats. Track down our aide of how to do that on the most well known programs, here.

Stage 5 – Turn off any Virtual Private Network (VPN) that you might utilize. A few destinations will impede explicit nation or spot IP addresses.

Stage 6 – If you are not utilizing VPN and you have a decent association, you might have failed to remember your secret word. follow to the recuperate your secret key directions here.

Stage 7 – If you are as yet having issues, and can’t get to your record, kindly go ahead and get in touch with us and we will be eager to assist you straightaway.

New to UCI Student Health Portal?

There are two methods for making your UCI Student Health Portal account.

At your next booked office visit, get some information about enlisting for a UCI Student Health Portal account. Your consideration group can assist you with enlisting for a UCI Student Health Portal account during your visit or give you an enactment code that you can use to enlist at home.
Utilize self sign-up to get an actuation code. Visit the UCI Student Health Portal join login page and under the right-hand menu, select “Join now.” Then, click on the button that says “Join on the web” under “No Activation Code?” Follow the means on the following screens to finish the structure and confirm your character. Patients under 18 require a parent or grown-up intermediary to join.


Inquiries Concerning the Student Health Center

Where could the UCI Student Health Portal Center be?

The Student Health Center (SHC I) is situated nearby at the side of East Peltason and Pereira Drive. We are building #5 on the grounds map. Understudy Health Center II (building #6 on the grounds map) is situated across the road and houses the Dental Clinic and certain regulatory workplaces.

What is your postage information, fax number and email address?

  • UCI Student Health Portal | UCI Student Health Center
  • Attn: Medical Records
  • 501 Student Health
  • Irvine, CA 92697-5200
  • Fax: (949) 824-3033
  • Email: shc-clinical records@uci.edu

How would I get to UCI Student Health Portal or Student Health Center?

You are free to make an arrangement by: 1) Calling our arrangement work area at (949) 824‑5304; or 2) visiting the SHC face to face during customary active times; or 3) Scheduling an essential consideration arrangement online by means of the Wellness, Health and Counseling Services Student Health Patient Portal. Same day arrangements are accessible. Stroll in arrangements are accessible however are restricted and confined to more dire issues.

When is the UCI Student Health Portal| Student Health Center open?

We are open from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. We are shut on the ends of the week and during University Holidays. Check the SHC site for current active times since extended active times might be presented during the scholarly year.

UCI Student Health Portal

UCI Student Health Portal: The WH&CS Patient Portal offers an assortment of online choices with an end goal to work on persistent admittance to SHC administrations; smooth out your patient involvement with SHC and work with interchanges among you and your suppliers and other SHC staff. The gateway is a protected and secret technique to convey in regards to your non-pressing clinical and psychological well-being necessities. You can utilize the entry to play out an assortment of activities including yet not restricted to:

Circle back to your visit by speaking with your supplier

Transfer your COVID inoculation record including promoter shot and enter the immunization date to the Student Health entry assuming you accepted your immunizations at a retail drug store, facility or supplier other than SHC. Consistence with the UC COVID strategy relates to ALL understudies.
Transfer your Flu inoculation record; as well as enter your immunization date; or present a declination articulation to the Student Health entry. Consistence with the Flu order relates to ALL understudies.
Complete your TB High Risk Screening Questionnaire (new, approaching understudy prerequisite)
Enter your “4+Vax” vaccination data and transfer inoculation records (new, approaching understudy necessity):

  • View and print your vaccinations
  • Demand a medicine top off
  • Complete pre-arrangement visit polls as well as clinical history structures
  • Complete required consistence structures preceding your arrangement
  • Acquire your lab results
  • Timetable, view or drop arrangements on the web
  • View and print charging articulations
  • Demand a clinical records discharge for an external supplier
  • Demand a duplicate of your clinical records
  • Pose an inquiry about your protection reference
  • Pose an inquiry about confirmation wellbeing prerequisites
  • The understudy gateway empowers you to speak with SHC whenever when it’s generally helpful for you. Basically login to the entryway utilizing your UCINetID and secret key.

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