June 9, 2023
Liquid Screen Protector Disadvantages


Liquid Screen Protector Disadvantages

The primary objective of a screen defender

Liquid Screen Protector Disadvantages: The primary objective of a screen defender is to shield the fundamental glass from breaking. The auxiliary objective is to shield the showcase from scratches. Most present day cell phones have very great scratch obstruction yet glass is endlessly glass breaks.

This is the very thing the fluid defender folks have been zeroing in on. The entire show is to persuade you that the “fluid” layer they apply on your telephone shields the telephone from breaking the presentation. They even go an additional a stage of “penetrating” the telephone with a power drill to sell the item. Customary screen defenders have an undeniable layer on top and since Liquid Screen Protector Disadvantages don’t have that, they appear to be exceptionally alluring to individuals.

Be that as it may, the grandiose “guarantees” from Liquid Screen Protector Disadvantages have left a many individuals with harmed telephones. The guarantees of safeguarding your valuable screen from breaking are false and we have seen individuals share their encounters via virtual entertainment.

These are a portion of the numerous unreporting occurrences of presentations breaking in a fabulous design in the wake of falling. This conflicts with the cases by the fluid defender folks that the screen offers break insurance.

What are Liquid Screen Protector Disadvantages defenders?

Liquid Screen Protector Disadvantages defenders are fluid glass (Silicon Dioxide) that is applicable on your presentation. Makers and advertisers guarantee that the “undetectable” coat adds oil and scratch obstruction. Fluid screen defenders are to be sure fluid glass and when appliying on your screen, they can’t be eliminated.

“Fluid is just made for scratches,” Dominic Mumo from X-One East Africa said. “In reality, the nano they are utilizing is our end scratch layer and to that end individuals have had their contraptions broken because of the fluid. Also, that is the reason the fluid (screen defender) has blackmailed such countless individuals.” he said.

X-One East Africa are the authorized wholesaler of the X-One series of Liquid Screen Protector Disadvantages defenders and telephone cases.

Continuously safeguard the first screen

One of the significant burdens of fluid screen defenders is that when it is applied, it can’t be taken out. Since it doesn’t offer screen break opposition, it will break. This would imply that your unique screen will break and you should proceed to fix your screen.

Unique screens are normally treated to have some level of scratch and break opposition that is typically better compared to the Liquid Screen Protector Disadvantages defenders. When you break the first screen, it becomes challenging to get a unique screen. “That is serious areas of strength for a to urge the purchaser to make a copy substitution,” Dominic said.

“When you break the first, you won’t ever get the first,” he said. “Since these are financial specialists, they might enlist a less expensive organization to make an imitation substitution.”

Liquid Screen Protector Disadvantages defenders have an alluring cost

Kenyans generally purchase the modest 200 bounce screen defenders that give appalling scratch opposition and break protection from their telephones.

Liquid Screen Protector Disadvantages defenders were at first not modest. Somebody admitted to me that they at first charged KES 1,500 to apply the covering on the showcase and the back. That isn’t modest and their objective market was shopping centers where they had the option to target individuals that have cash.

The sellers changed civility and went for the majority at the grassroots. At this moment, the costs have plunged. You can evidently get a fluid screen defender for as low as KES 100 in certain districts in Nairobi, which is way less expensive than the screen defenders you can purchase around.

Fluid screen defender join incredible showcasing and an extraordinary value that is by all accounts an alluring combo for clueless Kenyans. The misleading guarantees have left individuals feeling like they have been defrauded since the fluid screen defender didn’t live to its assumptions when the telephone succumbs to model. Not at all like ordinary screen defenders where you pull off the defender, the one with the fluid sceen defender requires an entire screen fix and this will warrant a costly showcase fix.

Why you want a legitimate screen defender?

Show fixes are costly. At times, it tends to be a portion of the expense of the whole telephone. To this end individuals see the need to safeguard their telephones with cases or with a screen defender.

The appeal of Liquid Screen Protector Disadvantages defenders has delivered a many individuals’ cell phone’s futile when the screen breaks. Envision a situation where an individual gets a fluid screen defender on a KES 100,000 telephone just for the screen to get harmed. The screen substitution alone would purchase a fresh out of the box new very good quality cell phone.

The vast majority purchase modest screen defenders for their telephones yet Dominic needs to urge individuals to contribute more on harder screen defenders. “The vast majority purchase modest screen defenders for KES 500. The 500 one will break,” he said.

He concedes that X One is in the top notch side of the market. X-One sells what they call the “World’s Toughest Screen Protectors” for various kind of telephones that are north of KES 2,499 each.

“I needed to illuminate the purchaser that glass is intended to break in light of the fact that the plan of action of the glass is in the breaking,” he said. Glass screen defenders are endlessly glass breaks.

Dominic kept up with that X-One items are not produced using glass.

Dominic kept up with that X-One items are not produced using glass. In the event that you look at their site, their screen defender is produced using a PET material known as “Nano Silicon” which is most certainly not glass.

“Our own isn’t glass,” he said. “Many individuals are squandering cash on glass which is to support a plan of action that doesn’t work for the buyer and they are made to break and pay.”

“The individual purchasing the KES 500 one is in the long run going to spend a whole lot more after a brief time. Also, in the event that the effect is large sufficient both the glass defender and the glass will break,” he added.

Liquid Screen Protector Disadvantages and Why You Need a Liquid Screen Protector

You might have seen individuals with folder cases in your number one shopping centers promising another sort of screen defender for your telephone. The supposed Liquid defender is guaranteed as an option in contrast to the Liquid Screen Protector Disadvantages.

Cell phones transport with contact screens and the greatest gamble is the glass breaking after a fall or a thump. To this end individuals purchase cases and Liquid Screen Protector Disadvantages to safeguard their venture. A screen substitution can be essentially as much as a portion of the expense of a cell phone and that can be a torment when you send your telephone for fix.

What Is The Disadvantage Of Nano Screen Protector?

Concrete/By Jonathan Holmes

The screen can get exhausted by the steady use. There can be impression of many fingerprints in your telephone. The screen defender cover can be changed once the showcase is impacted. Yet in the event that such defender isn’t useable. The gadget screen will be impacted and the gadget screen can’t be supplanted.

Is fluid screen defender any benefit?

As per the advertising cushion, the Liquid Screen Protector Disadvantages defenders ought to further develop the scratch opposition of your gadget. Give 9H hardness, repulse water, be imperceptible and have hostile to bacterial properties. One brand additionally stops radiation! To check whether the oleophobic covering was stripped appropriately, we did a water drop test.

Could you at any point eliminate fluid screen defender?

Sadly, we need to say that “Eliminating a fluid screen defender” isn’t easy. If there should be an occurrence of crisis. The assurance – as currently referenced – is consumed after certain minutes. If there should arise an occurrence of crisis you can eliminate this safeguard with an exceptional glass polisher.

Is fluid glass a decent screen defender? With regards to assurance, since fluid screen defenders are a lot more slender than treated glass screen defenders. It isn’t as powerful. In the event that it is simply a question of scratch assurance, it isn’t very different. Yet, the security would likewise mean the counteraction of the harms from dropping and knocking.

Are fluid screen defenders long-lasting? The fluid screen defender doesnʼt add any observable scratch security. It additionally doesnʼt fill in breaks or scratches. However, it adds to the effect insurance of your cell phone. Thatʼs not the equivalent with Liquid Screen Protector Disadvantages defenders as scratches are long-lasting and broken screens are extremely durable.


Is Nano glass better compared to safety glass?

Does it matter what screen defender I get?

Similarity: Most of the screen defenders in this guide are accessible for various gadgets. Both iPhone and Android — so it doesn’t make any difference what cell phone stage you like. Now and again the producer has a particular line for each major cell phone family.

What are the inconveniences of fluid screen defender?

One of the significant inconveniences of fluid screen defenders is that when it is applied, it can’t be taken out. Since it doesn’t offer screen break obstruction, it will break. This would imply that your unique screen will break and you should proceed to fix your screen.

Might fluid screen defender at any point be eliminated?

The fluid defender can’t be eliminated. Whenever it is applied it is inserted in your glass. Dissimilar to customary safety glass screen defenders, all in all nothing remains to be taken out.

Is a treated glass screen defender better than an ordinary one?

Your fingers skim flawlessly over the treated glass and it’s entertaining to utilize. They feel more like the first screen. Safety glass is generally more powerful and solid than plastic. Plastic defenders get scratched effectively and are around 0.1mm, while the glass defenders are by and large 0.3-0.5 mm in thickness.

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