March 23, 2023

With so many tablets in the market, finding the best drawing tablet for Mac may seem to be a  difficult thing to do. Fortunately, we are here to make things easy for you. Among the numerous options, our favorite is the Studio VK 1200.

There is no denying that it is a premium quality tablet that offers outstanding features to help you enhance and improve your digital art. So, if you are new to the digital world, you probably would like to learn about some tips and tricks that would help improve and enhance your creativity.

This is exactly what we plan to discuss in this article of ours. So, without any further ado, let us get started!

Tips to Color Like a Professional

If you are interested in adding colors to patterns and pictures, you have come to the right place. Even though it might seem that adding colors to already created images is easy and simple, it definitely is a tiresome, and complex task.

Several pencil techniques and color skills are required to color the image like a professional. Below, you are going to learn about some of these tips and tricks.

Basics on Paper

The great thing about the best drawing tablet for Mac  is that they offer endless options including:

Alcohol Markers

If you are looking for amazing blending capabilities and a wide range of colors, alcohol markers are the best way to go about it. For these kinds of markers, you need to have the right kind of paper to avoid ink bleeding.

Fine Liners

When it comes to coloring extremely minute patterns and spaces, we recommend using fine liners as they come with very fine tips. They would provide you with the precision that you are looking for.

Watercolor Pencils

To add a watercolor effect, you can either use watercolors or add water to these pencils.  You have the option of either using a paintbrush, or you can directly dipping these pencils into water.

Gel Pens

Even as kids, we are always in love with gel pens. These pens use gel. It is important that you wait for them to dry before touching the drawing as wet gel inks get smudged. You can find a wide range of these pens in the market.

Pencils are your Best Friend

Pencils are the top favorite of experienced artists and a must for beginners. They are perfect for drawing blending and enhancing images. They also offer variety. For instance, you can enjoy about 20 shade variations from a single blue pencil. Thus, allowing you to add depth and color to your drawing.
As beginners, we firmly believe that pencils are your best friend as they allow you to achieve the blending level that you want.

Your Color Palette is important

Flexibility is imperative when it comes to choosing a color palette. For starters, you need to choose a page type, after that you need to focus on assigning colors to different people, object and patterns.

In case, you are planning to use greens and blue, consider them as you base color. You can later on build on these to achieve the colors and depth that you require.

You don’t need to be rigid while choosing your colors. Once you have settled on a page, observe it closely. Make a note of what colors you want to assign to different objects, people, and patterns. If you have made up your mind on using ‘blues’ and ‘greens,’ think of them as your base and, you can build the rest of the colors off of these.


Pressure plays a vital role, whether you are using a stylus or a pencil on a paper. It would determine the final outlook of your shades, therefore, it is imperative that you pay close heed to it.

In case of pen and paper, you would not have to worry about the pressure senvitiy levels, however, when drawing on the best drawing tablet for Mac, you need to focus on it’s pressure sensitivity level.

Also, ensure that the tablet that you choose should offer compatibility with both left-hander as well as right-hander. You can add on more layers especially when you are light-handed with the pressure.


Another important aspect to learn in order to color like a professional is to blend the colors to perfection. You can gives your drawing new dimensions and depths by ading layering and blending colors.

With the right blending and layering, you can make single-dimension drawing appear more multidiemnsiaonl and vibrant. You also have the option of layering up as many colors as you want to make your drawing standout.

Digital Art

The above basic work well with the best drawing tablet for Mac. They would help you color like professional even when you replace the paper with a tablet screen and a pencil with a stylus.

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