June 9, 2023

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Welcome to the iUTMB Public Portal

The University of Texas Medical Branch. Visit the public landing page of iUTMB Health for college news and data.

www.utmb.edu: iUTMB Intranet

Admittance to data and assets for representatives and understudies. Expects clients to be on the iUTMB organization or to sign in by means of iUTMB’s VPN. intranet.utmb.edu/iutmb

iUTMB Health Patient Care

iUTMB Health offers a full scope of essential and specialty medical care administrations all through Southeast Texas. Searching for medical care? Visit the Patient Portal. utmbhealth.com

About iUTMB Health

The University of Texas Medical Branch For over 130 years, UTMB has remained with Texas — preparing today and the upcoming medical services labor force; attempting to more readily comprehend and treat disease and injury; giving consideration of to Texas families; and enhancing better approaches to further develop wellbeing. UTMB opened in 1891 as the country’s most memorable public clinical school and medical clinic under bound together authority — currently a trailblazer. What started as one medical clinic and clinical school working in Galveston is presently a significant scholastic wellbeing sciences focus of worldwide impact; an incredibly famous exploration endeavor; and a developing, far reaching wellbeing framework with clinics on four grounds and an organization of centers.

UTMB has a $3.3 billion yearly statewide financial effect, as far as business volume, individual pay and tough merchandise buys. In excess of 46,000 positions in Texas are straightforwardly or by implication ascribed to UTMB. UTMB incorporates schools of Medicine, Nursing, Health Professions, Public and Population Health, and Graduate Biomedical Sciences. It has four organizations for cutting edge study; a significant clinical library; an organization of medical clinics and centers that give a full scope of essential and specific clinical consideration; and various exploration offices. UTMB is a piece of The University of Texas System and an individual from the Texas Medical Center.

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iUTMB — the inward landing page for workforce and staff — is currently intranet as it were. Full admittance to iUTMB expects guests to be inside the UTMB private organization, either found truly nearby or signed in through VPN. The following are UTMB’s essential home pages (counting iUTMB), and underneath that, connections to often got to destinations and administrations for the UTMB people group.

Welcome to our Community

For over 130 years, the college has kept a ground breaking soul that has empowered it to serve its understudies, its patients and individuals in Texas and past in imaginative ways. That spearheading soul is fit as a fiddle today, empowering us to respect our inheritance even as we grow our concentration to further develop medical services around the world. The individuals from the UTMB people group share a profound obligation to support, a getting through devotion to greatness, a powerful urge to pioneer new paths and an incredible readiness to use their unprecedented aptitude.

iUTMB is presently an inward asset

The inside landing page for personnel and staff is as of now not accessible external the UTMB organization. To upgrade web execution and further develop security and dependability, a change was made to iUTMBiUTMB is the college’s interior landing page for personnel, staff and understudies. Assuming you are on the UTMB network at any grounds or facility, iUTMB is reasonable the main page that welcomes you when you turn on your PC at work (CMC colleagues have their own one of a kind landing page). iUTMB presents a not insignificant rundown of ordinarily referred to connections and representative/understudy news. Guests from general society normally see our public landing page or patient consideration site. Despite the fact that iUTMB is intended for our inside crowd, it had been accessible to people in general. That changed on July 25, 2018, when iUTMB opened up solely through UTMB’s intranet.

What will this change mean for me?

Most clients didn’t see a change. Assuming you are on the UTMB organization or utilizing the college’s virtual private organization (VPN), you will get to iUTMB as you generally have and it will keep on filling in as your default landing page. In the event that you are NOT on the UTMB organization and attempt to get to iUTMB, you are presently being taken to another entry page that includes a few regularly utilized joins and a passage/data to sign in by means of UTMB’s VPN.

iUTMB/Public Portal Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been requesting input and inquiries from clients about the July 25 change to iUTMB. Here are replies to a few normal inquiries:

Public iUTMB Portal FAQs

How problematic is this iUTMB change prone to be?

Most of clients will see negligible effect. This change will essentially influence those getting to iUTMB from outside our organization, normally telecommuting or another remote, non-UTMB site. In these occasions, these clients will see the new gateway page as opposed to iUTMB. The entryway page will contain generally utilized connections and data about associating by means of UTMB’s VPN. The change to iUTMB is restricted to the single iUTMB website page; every one of the locales and assets behind it will stay unaltered. Assets we connect to that are public today will remain so; the ones that require validation or VPN will in any case be the same way.

Search will in any case be empowered. To get to the catalog you’ll should be on network or VPNed in, as you do today. Numerous remote access-empowered business exercises (counting clinical work) are as of now done through get and scrambled channels requiring VPN. Nonetheless, we additionally perceive that change is troublesome all of the time. Also, notwithstanding correspondence, arranging and testing, there is generally the opportunity for potentially negative results. We’ll remain careful and adaptable, and thank you ahead of time for your understanding.

What are the real advantages?

UTMB is an anomaly with the manner in which we oversee iUTMB (our staff page today); most associations don’t keep up with open admittance to their inward entry the manner in which we’ve accomplished for the beyond twenty years. To empower this entrance, UTMB has kept a complex and in fact wasteful framework that incorporates naturally replicating records across our firewall and onto various web servers and information bases. The interaction eases back our web execution, postpones distributing of content by as long as a few minutes, and makes possible weak spots (counting potential security weaknesses) that we want to wipe out. The advantage to clients will eventually be a site that is quicker and safer, that heaps more rapidly and is considerably more steady than it is today.

I’ve never utilized the VPN. What is it and how would I utilize it?

A VPN is a “virtual private organization.” It’s frequently depicted as a protected and scrambled “pipeline” from your far off gadget to your computerized objective (the UTMB organization, for our situation). The far off gadget is normally a home work area or PC, however it can likewise be a telephone, tablet or other gadget. When a VPN association is laid out, you get close enough to assets as though you were nearby/on the organization. Starting around 2015, UTMB has likewise required two-factor confirmation, which is an auxiliary method for approving that a client is who they say they are. There are various ways of laying out a VPN association at UTMB. Getting set up the initial time, particularly with a non-UTMB gadget like a home PC, can be interesting. Bearings are on the web and the IS Service Desk can help.

I use Citrix. Does this influence me?

Citrix has a VPN client worked in to it, so the people who use Citrix presently can keep on involving iUTMB as they have previously, from on or off the UTMB organization. Due to the quantity of Citrix-related questions that were raised, we added a connection to MyCitrix to the conspicuous buttons under “Workforce, Staff and Student Tools” on the new entrance page to make it simple to find and access. I’m a retired person/individual from the local area and got a kick out of the chance to visit iUTMB to keep in contact.

The college’s institutional correspondence channels will to a great extent stay unaltered. Assets, for example, Impact, the UTMB Newsroom, the President’s Office site, Daily Announcements and the Event Calendar are as yet going to be publically accessible. You can get to these devices through search, or from our high level route menu under “Interchanges,” or bookmark them.

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