June 9, 2023

Salesforce is the largest growing CRM service provider platform in the world and growing exponentially with each passing day. Did you know that by 2024, Salesforce will generate 4.2 million job opportunities and 3.9 million by 2022? Yeah, you read that right!

Therefore, being a part of the Salesforce ecosystem is a foolproof idea of having a lucrative career and zero lack of job prospects, given you have the credentials and the value to provide to an organization hiring you.

Today, we will talk about one of the most lucrative and aspiring Salesforce careers, the Salesforce Consultant. Explore about Salesforce Consultant Salary in India here.

In this blog, we will discuss how to become a Salesforce Consultant and know in detail the roles and responsibilities of a Salesforce Consultant in the growth of an organization. 

Let us begin! 

Who is a Salesforce Consultant? 

Before knowing how to become a Salesforce Consultant, let us first give you a brief introduction to who is a Salesforce Consultant. 

A Salesforce Consultant is a professional with outstanding communication skills that bridge the gap between a company and its customers or clients. The job of a Salesforce Consultant is to understand the in-depth requirement of the client and churn out the solution to their problems by making client-specific implementations in the Salesforce platform. 

In simple terms, Salesforce Consultants solve a client’s problems by helping them utilise the Salesforce platform in the best possible way to generate revenue from their target audience. 

The role of a Salesforce Consultant is vast in building the reputation and growth of a company. 

How to Become a Salesforce Consultant?

1. Research About the Field 

As we already told you, Salesforce Consultant is an upbeat professional role that has a significant impact on a company’s growth. Now, if you aspire to become a Salesforce Consultant, the first step you should take is to research this field in-depth and know everything that runs in its successful progression. 

Research the specifications of the job roles offered for the Salesforce Consultants, the salary paid per annum in different workspaces ranging from small enterprises to Fortune 500 companies, and the knowledge needed for a Salesforce Consultant to succeed in the field. 

2. Develop the Skills

The Salesforce Consultant job is one of the highest-paid IT professionals globally, with a pay scale of over 9 LPA on average in India. As a consultant certified by the most prominent CRM service provider, Salesforce, you need to have the necessary skills and knowledge to manage, develop, and deploy client-specific solutions into the platform. 

Any Salesforce-certified consultant who is not proficient in the necessary skills needed for the smooth running of the organization will not be entertained in any way by any organization throughout the world. Hence, if you want to be a Salesforce Consultant, develop the required skills. 

Some necessary skills required to become a Salesforce Consultant are: 

  • Analytical Approach 
  • Problem-solving skills 
  • Communication skills 
  • Leadership potential 
  • Team-work enthusiasm 

3.Network with Industry Influencers 

Salesforce Consultant is a role that requires considerable networking with people from the industry and for the industry. Hence, before you start your career as a Salesforce Consultant, beginning your networking journey can be beneficial for your personal development that will automatically shed an impact on your career. 

Contact people on various social media platforms, glide into a conversation with them and gain knowledge of the field and the field of work from their experience. You can also join groups and social communities where salesforce professionals and alumni come together and share their work experience with beginners. 

4.Get Certified 

The first step to becoming a Salesforce Consultant is to get certified by Salesforce to practice Consultancy on its platform. Salesforce Consultant Certification does not require any top-notch qualification and not even a college degree. However, a bachelor’s or master’s degree does help in scalability and increase the chance of getting better job prospects. 

Hence, without wasting any time finding ways to become a consultant, earn the Salesforce certification in Consultancy. It will cost you $200 to sit for the exam. A questionnaire comprising 60 questions will be given to you, which you will have to solve within 105 minutes. The Salesforce Consultant Certification will be yours if you can score at least 68% in the exam. 

5.Train from a Trusted Source 

If you want to know how to help you become a Salesforce Consultant without facing many difficulties, joining a cert preparation program from a reliable platform will be the best for you. A training institution with seasoned professionals showing you the right path to your success as a Salesforce Consultant is the most important thing you should invest in at the beginning of your career. 

This will help you achieve your goals quickly and always give you insight into the core of the industry from a different perspective. A course on your cert preparation will help you prepare for your certification exam rapidly and efficiently. 


Thank you! We hope you found this blog informative and beneficial for your career as a Salesforce Consultant.

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