June 9, 2023

ConnectCarolina Student Center

Welcome to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill!

To get to ConnectCarolina Student Center, visit connectcarolina.unc.edu and click on the Login to ConnectCarolina Student Center button.

New understudy clients don’t have to take any preparation to get sufficiently close to ConnectCarolina.


  • By signing into ConnectCarolina, you’re concurring to electronically lead business with the University.
  • You’re additionally making a deal to avoid sharing your login certifications with any other person.
  • For extra data, survey the Electronic Transactions Consent (PDF).

Electronic Transactions

Office of the University Registrar || Training Document

At the point when you sign into ConnectCarolina, you are consenting to lead business with the University electronically during your scholarly vocation. Email and the ConnectCarolina entrance are the essential devices the University uses to impart significant data to understudies. This incorporates, be that as it may, isn’t restricted to, monetary guide, understudy monetary data, and class enrollment. Some of these electronic exchanges and arrangements might include monetary commitments.

At the point when you consent to lead business electronically with the University, that’s what you recognize you have perused and agree to the accompanying:

  • You will lead business electronically with the University utilizing your UNC-Chapel Hill official email account.
  • You will just access ConnectCarolina as yourself, utilizing your own ONYEN and secret phrase. The utilization of college accounts by anybody other than the record holder is stringently denied.
  • Except if you explicitly pull out your assent, by making your own ONYEN and secret word you are consenting to direct business electronically and to the abovementioned articulations.

In the event that you don’t consent to speak with UNC-Chapel Hill electronically and to the things above, you are deciding to quit electronic correspondence and exchanges, and you won’t have admittance to ConnectCarolina. To get more data about the likely effect of directing business with individual grounds workplaces disconnected, contact the University Registrar.

Note that manual, non-electronic choices will bring about longer handling times and not all administrations are accessible through non-electronic means.

ERDS_Get Access

A carolina blue lock symbol with the lock opening.To demand admittance to ConnectCarolina, you work with your everyday schedule’s Access Request Coordinator, or ARC for short. To demand admittance to InfoPorte for HR/Payroll and Finance reports, you work with your InfoPorte Administrator. So to demand admittance to TarHeel Reports, you work with your Infoporte Administrator/ARC. To demand admittance to explicit Business Units and additionally All Department access in InfoPorte, you work with your Infoporte Administrator/ARC to utilize this ServiceNow demand. To demand admittance to Student Administration reports, you want to work with your ARC (that is on the grounds that the Office of the University Registrar needs to endorse these solicitations). For admittance to many sidekick frameworks, for example, TIM or LawLogix, you likewise work with your ARC.

Do you really want data about admittance to:


To gain admittance to ConnectCarolina, you work with your Access Request Coordinator, called an ARC for short. Curves are designated by administration in your everyday schedule.

InfoPorte Reporting (Including TarHeel Reports)

Like how the ARCs are the essential resource for gaining admittance to ConnectCarolina, the InfoPorte Administrator is the essential resource for gaining admittance to InfoPorte. InfoPorte directors are designated by authority in your everyday schedule. Frequently, your InfoPorte Administrator is equivalent to your Access Request Coordinator (ARC). You can track down the names of your InfoPorte Administrator and your ARC here.

Admittance to InfoPorte Reports (Including TarHeel Reports)

How you gain admittance to reports in InfoPorte relies upon what reports you really want to access and whether you want admittance to HR/Payroll, Finance, or Student Administration reports.

Utilize the connections beneath to figure out who you ought to work with for access:

  • Beginning stages for Different Types of Reports
  • Essential Financial Reports
  • Monetary Reports that Require Enhanced Reporting Access (Including TarHeel Reports)
  • Finance Central Office Reports
  • HR/Payroll Reports
  • Understudy Administration Reports
  • Research Reports

ConnectCarolina Self-Service for Former Employees

Assuming you are a staff part, your Onyen lapses on the last day you work at the University. In the event that you are an employee, your Onyen becomes idle 60 days after your association closes. When your Onyen is terminated, you can utilize a visitor ID to get to your W-2s and checks in ConnectCarolina. Click here (https://account.itsapps.unc.edu/guestid/make) to make your visitor ID.

Section: ConnectCarolina is cool and retro

We’ve all seen this understudy strolling around grounds — and in the event that we haven’t, we wish we had. Brought into the world in 2002, however strolling around grounds wearing larger than average, straight-legged pants and a turtleneck with a crewneck pullover layered on top. She radiates the ’80s. Or on the other hand is it the ’90s? One way or the other, her style must be characterized as retro.

We witness this about like clockwork. Style reuse. The old turns into the new turns into the old. And afterward turns into the enhanced once again for good karma.

However, this tireless example is beginning to show up some place other than the Urban Outfitters best fall determination; a field that has just at any point been about positive headway and progressions from the best and the most brilliant: software engineering.

I can read your mind. With such a future-centered field, since when did it become in vogue to think back to slow site interfaces, misrepresented code or blocked off menu choices for motivation agonizingly? Is the web turning into the freshest Depop for one of a kind sites?

Where could I at any point find one of these continuously?

All things considered, look no further. A perfect representation of this site is nearer than you’d naturally suspect — truth be told, you’ve gone through hours, in the event that not days on this page. Presently a semi-finalist for the National Fashionably Outdated Website Contest, the victor will reduce to one of two skilled contenders: MySpace and our own personal ConnectCarolina.

ConnectCarolina can be state-of-the-art in certain respects (it’s not difficult to track down your holds, and the shopping basket instrument can really be really helpful). However, it actually demonstrates endlessly time again the way in which rapidly our understanding can wear ragged with its incomprehensible route menu and tedious demand that you want to sign in once more (indeed, we know it’s just been 30 minutes).

Tastefully, the text styles and variety decisions have been said to conflict more awful than peanut butter on pickles, and the understudy necessities dashboard symbol appears as though it was planned in 2011, traded as the most minimal quality PNG conceivable, then screenshotted off Instagram just in case.

Do we have innumerable comp sci majors that could make a preferable framework over ConnectCarolina quickly? Sure.

However, does that keep up with a similar nostalgic Comic Sans site from 2006? No, it doesn’t.

One characterizing highlight that separates ConnectCarolina from its rivals is its maze of an enrollment framework. Enrollment has outwitted incalculable understudies, from making mental meltdowns general befuddlement.

“Last semester, I failed to remember we should utilize the arrangement tab and was adequately silly to attempt to utilize the select tab once my window opened,” one understudy said. “I know, it was totally nonsensical to accept that a button that says ‘select’ implied you can really ENROLL in the particular classes I really want — that sounds excessively confounded. I don’t have the foggiest idea what I was thinking.”

It’s supposed, close by different changes the UNC Registrar has made to the enlistment interaction this semester, they’re additionally considering a change to remote course voting forms instead of electronic enrollment.

“What’s the main thing more suggestive than a sluggish, alarm prompting on the web enlistment process?”

one recorder official inquired. “A sluggish, alarm inciting enrollment through paper! We think involving paper for class solicitations will give understudies the enrollment experience that their folks had, relieving generational splits between millennial guardians and their well informed kids.”

So for the present on, assuming that you’re feeling nostalgic for the past, don’t open your storeroom — open your PC. ConnectCarolina will be hanging tight for you with its dated symbols and buffering understudy focus. It will remain trusting you will be the following understudy who neglects to observe the Tar Heel Tracker, longing for the second that you abandon Chrome and go to Firefox in the expectations something, anything, will make this site work.

Spoiler: it won’t work. You’ll wind up restarting your PC and overlooking the 20-30 prescribed classes you want to add to your shopping basket, just to return to it the night prior to your enlistment window, with another surge of charming blunders that you can depend on ConnectCarolina to give.

What’s more, guess what? That is so ’90s.


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