March 23, 2023

If you are looking for smartwatches that are currently on clearance sale, you may not find better ones other than KOSPET smartwatches. They are robust, responsive while utilizing revolutionary technology. 

Welcome to go through the following smartwatches that enjoy clearance sale this Christmas with merely a fraction of their original prices. We can’t wait to introduce them to you!

Best KOSPET Smartwatches for Sale 

KOSPET ROCK Smartwatch – Regular Price  $79.99 – Now $32.99

KOSPET ROCK is one of the finest smartwatches by KOSPET. Apart from its sleek and classic design complemented by the graceful silicone wrap, the metal and plastic body makes the smartwatch standout. KOPSET ROCK is available in green and black. 

Moreover, ROCK comes with outstanding features and hardware. For instance, it has a powerful battery of 350mAh that provides 50 days of standby time and about 14 days of daily usage. It has also been certified by 3ATM waterproof, which means it is safe to use in water. 

The display is another remarkable aspect about the smartwatch. For one thing, it boasts a 1.69-inch large display using TFT technology. For another, its full touch display with a pixel resolution of 240 x 280 ensures crisp and clear image quality, let alone it is remarkably responsive. 

With the ROCK smartwatch, you can now monitor your health including your blood oxygen, blood pressure and heart rate 24/7. Moreover, it supports around 20 sports modes that help you optimize your workout schedule, while counting the calories burned after every session. 

KOSPET MAGIC 3 Smartwatch – Regular Price $59.99   —- Now $25.00 

Another great smartwatch that you can get your hands on for $25 is the KOSPET MAGIC 3, especially for someone who is not a huge fan of large-display smartwatches. 

Available in pink, blue and black, the sleek and elegant body of the smartwatch is made out of metal and plastic.

MAGIC 3 also comes with a 1.72-inch stunning display with a resolution of 280 x 320 that uses TFT technology, making it possible to showcase vibrant and bright colors.  

MAGIC 3 enables 20 different sports modes, each monitoring your heart rate and the calories burned. Some of these modes include hiking, cycling, jogging, aerobics and so much more. 

The smartwatch is waterproof as well. Its IP68 waterproof certification helps safeguard your daily water sports. The smartwatch with a 220mAh polymer battery guarantees extraordinary battery life — standby time of 35 days and daily usage of 7 days. 

KOSPET MAGIC 4 Smartwatch – Regular Price $89.99 – Now $29.99

Is is undoubtedly another wonderful KOSPET smartwatch you can get at a cheaper price.  The round smartwatch appears exquisite at every angle  The metal plus IML body allows the smartwatch to stand out, while the silicone strap makes it comfortable and easy to wear. 

You can buy this amazing watch in either pink or black. Its 222mHa battery offers great battery life — 30 days of standby and about 7 to 10 days for daily usage. 

To top it off, the smartwatch is 50 meters waterproof, helps monitor your blood pressure as well as your heart rate and counts calories you have burned after each exercise session. 

KOSPET MAGIC 3S Smartwatch Regular Price $99.99   – Now $25.99

The KOSPET MAGIC series has been more and more popular in the market, among which MAGIC 3S is an amazing choice that comes with IP67 waterproof. 

It features about 10 different sports modes to help you stay fit. Moreover, the smartwatch makes your life more convenient by supporting Bluetooth music playback and Bluetooth calling. It also enables body temperature measurement, another great incentive for fitness groups out there. 

The smartwatch has long battery life — 7 days for daily usage and about 35 days for standby. It is reliable when it comes to monitoring your health condition, such as your heart rate. 


All these amazing smartwatches are on clearance sale NOW. Hurry to have a look and get one before it ends.

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